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This beautiful deodorant is a culmination of many years of my story, coming together.

High stress jobs. Reapplying deodorant many times a day.

Trying many natural deodorants......often left you stinky quickly.

I didn't like the long term affects of the chemicals going into my body.

Next, a number of breast lump scares......

So, I began researching & learning. 

Finally, I have created my own deodorant. 

Now I don't contribute to the nastie hormone disrupters & upset my compromised lymph system.

I actually add goodness, love & care to my body every single day.

Ps, completely stinky free too....

Young Woman Deodorant

Young Woman Deodorant

Meet the newest member of our family……

Young Woman Deodorant

This beautiful, considered deodorant has been designed with our young women in mind.

Designed to support young women throughout their teenage/young years.

Ingredients have been specifically selected to support stressful emotions & hormone fluctuations.

Instead of encouraging use of traditional deodorants. Let’s make conscious designs for our girls.

Free from: Aluminium, Parabens, Preservatives, hormone disrupters & other nasties.

Handmade with love in Melbourne (no factory workers here )


Breast care deodorant

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Each drop is full of Love & Care

Ancient goodness for your breasts & lymph system 

Free from -Aluminium -Parabens -Synthetics - Toxic ingredients & other nasties

Includes : Very carefully hand selected High Vibrational Essential Oils

Yes, it actually works......

No, white marks on your clothes

Using the highest grade ingredients. 

10 ml roller bottle. Made in Melbourne.

We have enough toxins & other challenges, we don't need to add with our deodorant.

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High Vibration

We all vibrate to different frequencies.

The lower the frequency, the denser your energy. Life seems harder. We look at life from a negative viewpoint first.

When we are vibrating at a higher frequency, we feel more positive, lighter & clear. 

We feel connected. 

Our energy flows with ease. 

We stop looking outside for the answers & clarity. 

Our intuition feels stronger to guide us. 

We trust in our intuition more so.  

We live in a world of abundance & trust rather than falling into fear & lack.

Jane’s thoughts

As a creative & entrepreneurial thinker, I don’t thrive under red tape & lots of rules!

Having worked within the Fashion Industry for 30 years. You can definitely say that fashion & small business is in my blood.

I am lucky enough to have been born with a business brain. Combined with an intuitive, sensitive, gentle & creative brain.

Dressing up, reflective of my personal style is innate. It also brings me courage & grace.

One of my strengths is to problem solving. To look into a small business & see what areas need help & guidance.